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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ew iMAX light, pick your own colors!

Here is the new multi color iMAX. This light will allow you to make your own custom 3 color strobe. You can choose from a mix of 14 colors.

This is how it works:

1 Turn the light on. It is now strobing all RED dashes because that is the first color of all the 14 colors. The flash frequency is the same as the 3 color strobe LEDs.
Now that the light is on you have to hold the button down for 1 second or less to get to the program the colors mode. The light will blink once and then turn RED solid. This is the 1st color in the list of 14 colors.
Now you just simply click once to get through all 14 colors. So for example if color 5 was ORANGE then click quickly 4 times and you see ORANGE. Once you see ORANGE you now hold for less then 1 second and this will set the first color to ORANGE and now the light will go to color two so it can be set. (you would see solid RED after the hold button in because this is the first color in the list of 14 colors)
You would repeat this until you have set the 3rd color. After you picked the 3rd color and double click the light will come out of program mode and be in the 4 mode light use.

MODE 1 - If the 3 colors chosen are RGB the light would strobe the same frequency as a strobe led but the pattern would not be RGBRGBRGB.....
The pattern instead would be RGBGBRGBGB.....

MODE 2 - Uses all the 3 colors chosen and flashes the same pattern but the 3rd color never lights up at all. So it would flash like this RG!G!RG!G!RG!.... The ! stands for Blue but will not light up at all. This makes MODE 2 a two color strobe.

MODE 3 - Also the same 3 colors chosen and same pattern but color number 1 and number 3 will not light up. Only the second color lights up. So you would see GREEN only.

MODE 4 - Tracer mode. This mode does the same as MODE 3 by not letting the 3rd color light up at all but for the first color (RED was picked) it only lightly turns on but stays on all the time. As you see in the picture RED is dim and has a ghostly type of look. The GREEN (second color picked) is strobe and the 3rd color would not be on.

- The iMAX will also have 1 mode option just like the EVO has 1 or 3 modes but the modes are different of course. If the light is off and you hold for 1 second then the light will turn on and be only the first mode and not have the other 3 modes.

- The light saves the last 3 color mix chosen even after it is shut off

- The iMAX will also have the wrap around mode so after mode 4 is pressed it would go to mode 1. To shut off just hold for less then 1 second.

Retail price will be around $15, although it has not been set yet.

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  1. That's actually kind of cool, I wouldn't mind having one. I'm just cheap and thinking 15$ is a little much for a light..

  2. Coool! All those lights and stuff!

  3. Now that is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow I wanna splurge and buy like 50 of them

  5. Seems pretty nifty, and the picture at the top looks cool.

  6. nice light effects, I follow this :)

  7. WOW that looks awesome. Exciting idea.

  8. Wew and that for only 15$?
    good price, good blog!

  9. Good price for something like that!

  10. Thats not so much money for some pretty lights like that.